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Replacement & Installation of Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

Have you owned your home for many years and still have the same fixtures you started with? Even if your toilet and other fixtures may work all or most of the time, you may want to consider replacing them. New toilets and fixtures allow you to save money on your bills because they use less water. At Swan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our Loveland plumbers can help you with both the repair of broken fixtures and leaky toilets and the upgrade of existing fixtures.

We are pleased to offer the following fixture services

  • Toilet repair
  • Sink plumbing
  • Fixture repair
  • Toilet replacement and installation
  • Sink replacement and installation
  • Fixture replacement and installation

Toilet Repair & Upgrade Services

If your toilet has stopped working properly or isn’t flushing well, we can show up and do a full inspection to get to the bottom of the problem. Once we spot the issue, we can provide you with an analysis and an estimate. If we think the problem can be repaired easily, we will recommend repairs. However, we may recommend replacement if your toilet is old and beyond repairs.

Every time you flush your toilet, you may be wasting money due to the number of gallons which are being used. Newer toilets often give you two options for flushing and use less water to do the same thing. Over time, the investment in low-flush toilets is worthwhile due to the amount of money you can save. You can also feel good about wasting less water, which is better for the environment.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Our Loveland plumbers can help you decide which toilet or fixture is right for your home and take care of the installation. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with all of our repair and replacement services.

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