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Your air ducts can easily become contaminated with pollen, dust, and other harmful debris, and if not properly maintained, they can become an obnoxious problem. Keeping contaminates and moisture out of your ducts is the number one way to keep them working efficiently. Moisture in the ducts raises the risk of microbiological growth such as mold, which can be released into your home increasing risks to your health.

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Our duct cleaning technicians are thoroughly certified & qualified to inspect your ducts, and we guarantee our service 100%. We will come to your home or office in the Loveland, Fort Collins, or Longmont areas for a free inspection to determine whether or not our services would benefit you.

Why Bother With Air Duct Cleaning?

There is a large amount of visible mold growth inside your ducts or on any other components of your ventilation system. There are several factors to consider regarding mold detection:

Many sections of your ventilation system may not be accessible for a visible inspection, so ask your technician to show you any mold they claim exists.
A laboratory analysis may be needed for final confirmation to determine if you are actually dealing with mold. For about $50, some microbiology labs can determine whether or not you have mold, or a substance that merely resembles it from a sample stuck to a piece of common household tape.
Mold cannot be effectively removed from insulated ducts, and if present, the ducts should be replaced.
If the conditions that caused mold growth in the first place are not corrected, the mold will return.
Ducts are infested with rodents or insects.

If any of these conditions identified above exist, it likely suggests one or more underlying causes. Prior to any servicing, we will determine the underlying cause or causes and correct them so the problem does not return.


Our HEPA-AIRE duct cleaning system performs state-of-the-art source removal duct cleaning

The HEPA-AIRE method used by Swan’s duct cleaners assures you that your ducts are being cleaned with the most advanced source removal equipment available. This high tech, state-of-the-art system is used by leading professional duct cleaners throughout North America, and is widely recognized as the most significant breakthrough in duct cleaning equipment technology in the past 30 years.

The key components of this system are the patented HEPA-AIRE portable power vacuum and the AIRE-SWEEP compressor. This system enables our technicians to reach and thoroughly clean your entire duct system with minimal noise and disruption.

First, the HEPA-AIRE power vacuum is connected to the duct system near the furnace. Next, 1 inch access holes are drilled into the air ducts. Then, long lengths of air hose with special 360 degree high velocity nozzles are connected to the compressor and “snaked” through the entire duct system, dislodging debris that has accumulated on inner duct surfaces. Lastly, the HEPA-AIRE unit creates a powerful vacuum, pulling dislodged contaminants into its filtration system. This filtration system is so efficient that it captures contaminants 1/300th the diameter of a human hair and returns filtered “hospital grade” air to your home. And, it’s so quiet you’ll hardly know it’s running.

Once your duct system has been cleaned, we reseal all access holes and your ducts are returned to “like new” condition.

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Our Air Duct Cleaning Reviews

See what some of our customers have to say about their duct cleaning experience with Swan Heating & Air Conditioning:

“Exceptional customer service. I was very pleased with services and professional knowledge. Thank you!”

Jacob B – Aug 11 2017

“Mike and Brenden cleaned my air ducts and dryer vent. They arrived when they said they would, went right to work, and kept me informed about the process throughout the afternoon. They were polite and professional and did a great job. I would definitely recommend them.”

Bobbi C – May 6 2017

“Wow! Mike G. just left our home after spending an afternoon cleaning our air ducts. What great service!! So glad we called Swan!”

Connie H – Nov 7 2016


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