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Residential HVAC Services in Timnath, CO

Swan Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to provide Timnath homeowners with high-quality, professional HVAC and plumbing services. Swan has been serving the Northern Colorado area for more than a decade, and our team of HVAC and plumbing technicians has more than 40 years of combined experience.

Furnace Repair Timnath CO

When your furnace malfunctions on the coldest day of the year, you need an heating repair company that will arrive promptly and accurately diagnose and repair the issue as quickly as possible. Our heating contractors have the experience and expertise to repair issues ranging from motor failures to clogged filters on any make or model of furnace. Your family’s comfort is our priority, so we are available 24/7 for residential furnance repair. If a repair is not cost-effective, we also install high-efficiency replacement furnaces from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Furnace Tune-Up & Maintenance

The best way to keep your furnace running reliably is to have it inspected and maintained on a regular basis. We encourage Timnath homeowners to take advantage of our affordable tuneup and maintenance services. A Swan HVAC professional will inspect, clean, and test all of the major safety and operational components of your furnace to make sure that they are up for the demands of a cold Colorado winter. If a repair is recommended, our technician will provide you with the exact cost of the repair in writing.

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Air Conditioning Repair Timnath

Although today’s high-efficiency air conditioners are designed to provide years of reliable service, certain parts can become worn or damaged, which means that your AC may run inefficiently or fail altogether. You can rely on a Swan technician to arrive at your home the same day for emergency AC repair services so that your family remains comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

Most AC repairs can be avoided with routine maintenance. When you sign up for our Swan AC maintenance plan, one of our technicians will check everything from the refrigerant to the thermostat and filters to ensure that your AC runs at peak efficiency. By identifying small issues early, you can avoid a major repair down the road.

Air Conditioning Installation in Timnath

Even with regular maintenance, every air conditioner will eventually need to be replaced. After approximately 10 years, you may notice your AC struggling to keep your home comfortable or that it requires more frequent repairs. An older air conditioner can also start to lose efficiency resulting in higher electric bills. If it is time to replace your AC unit, our air conditioning installation service technicians can recommend the right size and model for your home and budget.

Water Heater Repair in Timnath CO

Although you rely on it every day for everything from laundry to showers, it is easy to overlook your water heater until it malfunctions. Swan plumbing technicians in Timnath are able to provide reliable water heater service and install all of the most popular makes and models of conventional and tankless water heaters.

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