Cooling Rebates
Earn up to $1,150 in rebates for the purchase and installation of qualified high efficiency cooling systems.

Heating Equipment Rebates
Replace your furnace and get $400 in rebates.

Evaporative Cooling Rebates
An evaporative cooling system can be up to 75% more efficient than traditional central air conditioning system and cost half as much to install.
Earn up to $1,200 in rebates for evaporative cooling systems.

Water Heater Rebates
Earn up to $450 in rebates and save up to $1,800 over your equipment lifetime when upgrading your hot water heater.

Replacement Furnace Rebate
Save up to $500. Must be sealed combustion with intake and exhaust to the outside. Tier 2 furnace must have multi-stage gas valve & ECM blower motor.

AC System Rebate
Save up to $500 on new AC installation or replacement. System sized using ACCA Manual J compliant method.

Replacement Gas Boiler
Save $300 on a new gas boiler with 85% minimum efficiency.

Replacement Water Heater
Save up to $400, depending on tier, in a replacement situation.

High-Efficiency Gas Furnace or Boiler
Install or replace your old furnace or boiler with a new high efficiency model of 95% AFUE or greater and save up to $400.

Thermostat Rebate
Install a programmable thermostat or a Smart Thermostat (WiFi enabled) and save up to $50.

Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment
This energy assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy use.
For only $150 you will receive the following:

A complete assessment performed by a certified energy analyst including:

  • On-the-spot conservation measures, which could include programmable thermostats, pipe wrap, water heater blankets, sink faucet aerators and more.
  • Health and safety testing for carbon monoxide.
  • A blower door test with infrared imaging to measure the leakiness of your home.
  • A detailed report of your energy use, with suggestions for improvements, and rebate eligibility

Air Conditioning Rebates
Save up to $150 per unit for Energy Star rated air conditioners above 16 SEER.

Heat Pump Rebates
Save up to $500 per ton with this ground source heat pump incentive.
For 2018, PVREA has limited funding available for certain heat pumps.
Rebates will be reserved on first-come, first-serve basis, and capped at $2,400 per meter.

Hot Water Heater Rebates
Save up to $50 on standard electric resistance water heaters, and up to $350 on heat pump water heaters over 30 gallons.

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