How to Avoid Furnace Repair During Northern Colorado’s Coldest Days

Everybody loves being comfortable, but no one is going to claim to be comfortable when the outdoor temperature dip to -8 degrees Celsius and your furnace suddenly breaks down. In Loveland and throughout Northern Colorado, cold winter temperature can come with very severe discomfort and possible dangers should you stay without heat even for a short period. Nobody loves to call for emergency furnace repair due to the inconvenience of having to wait for the repair technician at home in the cold and the accompanying repair costs that are usually escalated by the exorbitant holiday or after hours charges. However, you can avoid the distress and irritation of many furnace glitches with a few critical maintenance procedures.

Inspect and Replace Your Furnace Air Filter Frequently

The purpose of the furnace’s air filter is to filter out debris, dirt, and dust from your home and prevent it from getting into your system. However, over time, it gets clogged with dirt, debris, and dust, therefore restricting air flow into your system. The consequence of this happening is that it impacts negatively on your system performance reducing its efficiency and escalating energy bills. Moreover, the system becomes more susceptible to costly breakdowns, some of which can take place during winter with very important health and financial repercussions. It is good practice to inspect the air filter often and replace it every one to three months.

Ensure You Keep Your HVAC System Free Of Debris

You should check your HVAC system frequently for warning indications that you require a professional to do a thorough assessment. Identifying complications early might prevent expensive and inconvenient repairs later on. Dirt in the condenser or evaporator coils can signal a disaster about to happen and require professional assistance. You could also make sure the area adjacent to your furnace is clear and clean to prevent debris and dirt from getting into the air vent and finally into the filter and block air flow. Similarly, sometimes checking your air openings to ensure that they are open and cleared of furniture blockage that might obstruct the heat getting into rooms is an excellent practice to get used to. Adjusting your thermostat for one or two degrees on the high side during summer or with the same margin during winter on the lower side may slow wear and tear on your system.

Periodic HVAC Maintenance

Yearly upkeep by an HVAC expert has numerous benefits that will save you money and the frustration of handling emergency repairs. Skilled technicians may notice a problem that you do not have the capacity to recognize or that you lack the right skills to address. When you invite a skilled technician, they can nib the problem in the bud and stop them from becoming big breakdown that will be costly. Periodic maintenance guarantees that the system is functioning both optimally and well. Generally, the maintenance cost will be recouped in the saving made due to the improved performance longer life and fewer repairs.

However, if you live in Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont or the surrounding areas, and do end up needing furnace repairs, technicians at Swan Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are on standby 24/7 to keep your homes heating system performing at it’s best! Give us a call at 970-355-3555 or schedule an service visit online.

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