4 Common Furnace Issues You Need To Watch For

Contact SWAN If You Experience Issues With Your Heating Systems

Fall’s crisp, cool weather will be upon us in just a few short weeks, quickly followed by Colorado's signature winter and heavy snowdrifts. Our SWAN heating maintenance experts recommend taking some time to ensure your home or business’ furnace is working properly; inspecting your heating systems now will save you from potential disasters at the worst possible time. If you notice any of the following issues when you turn your furnace on, contact us today for any repairs, maintenance or replacements!


Broken Thermostat
Your heating system’s thermostat is an absolutely critical portion of its overall function, as it helps determine whether your living space is too hot or too cold. If you have a faulty thermostat, it’s possible for your family or employees to suffer intended consequences, including:

  • Working or living in uncomfortable conditions
  • Receiving exceptionally high energy bills 
  • Experiencing striking temperature shifts 

If you attempt to change the overall temperature by adjusting your heating system, and you notice the thermostat not registering correctly — or reading a very suspicious temperature — contact SWAN’s furnace maintenance staff to help diagnose the issue!

Dirty Or Clogged Filters
Speaking of comfortable living and working environments, it’s important for you as homeowners or business owners to regularly inspect the air filters of your HVAC and heating systems. If these furnace filters are not cleaned and maintained, they can get quite dirty and even be clogged completely. Take a few minutes and see if your furnace’s air filter is a different color than normal and has an excess amount of dirt and hair attached to it. Should this occur, have a SWAN technician come out to clean your filters so you can enjoy better air circulation — and thus better heating circulation — and lower energy bills.


Frequent & Over-Cycling
If you notice your furnace shutting off and on quite frequently — otherwise known as short-cycling or over-cycling — this can result from a myriad of different issues, including:

  • A broken thermostat giving your furnace incorrect readings
  • The area around your heating systems is too hot, causing overheating
  • Dirty or clogged filters

You may only notice the fact that your heating system is not running for as long as it is meant to, but you may not notice what exactly is causing this. Your furnace should expel a steady stream of heat, as opposed to short, infrequent bursts. Our SWAN technicians in the greater Denver area are happy to inspect your heating systems and help you find a solution!

Rattling Or Pinging Noises
Perhaps the most obvious sign something is off with your furnace or other heating system is a rattling or pinging noise while it’s running. It can be incredibly dangerous to ignore these signs and you should contact our SWAN experts immediately should you notice this issue. Different noises can indicate different maintenance troubles your heating system is facing; but more specifically, a rattling or pinging noise could be the result of loose screws or a leak in the furnace’s heat exchanger. No matter what noise you hear — a loud bang, a rattling, screeching, or rumbling — turn your system off and seek a professional opinion.


Make sure your furnace is ready to handle the harsh Colorado winters by doing your own in-depth analysis. SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver is happy to help you sort out any potential maintenance or repairs your furnace or other heating system needs; if an entire replacement is necessary, it needs to be taken care of and installed before the snow comes. Get in touch with us today!