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How Do I Know I Need a New Air Conditioner?

How Do I Know I Need a New Air Conditioner?

Perhaps you have an air conditioner that has stopped working entirely, or perhaps you are considering improving the cost-effectiveness, environmental-friendliness, or the power of your current system. If you think your air conditioner might not be up-to-scratch to deal with the summer heat this year, it may be time to get a new one installed. If you are in the Loveland area, consider choosing SWAN Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for the job. With over 10 years of experience and more than 50,000 satisfied customers, SWAN is your premium choice for HVAC services in Northern Colorado. Contact us online or at 970-251-0755 to find out how we can improve the heating and air conditioning in your home today!

5 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

There are some tell-tale signs that your central air conditioning system needs replacing. It likely needs to be replaced if it is:

1. Unreliable

Does your air conditioner break down frequently, leaving you with a hot home and potentially costly repairs? Repairs can really add up, and it doesn’t make sense to keep repairing older units when it can be cheaper to just install an entirely new one. A new unit will likely also have more advanced technology that makes it more effective and reliable.

2. Inefficient

Are you paying too much for energy costs? If you’ve got an old air conditioner, that is likely the case. Getting a new air conditioner can help you decrease your energy costs this summer and also for many years down the road. If your A/C has a low SEER rating, it means it is not very cost-effective. New air conditioners tend to have at least a SEER rating of 13. Getting a more efficient unit if your A/C is below 13 may be a smart decision.

3. Ineffective

Are you unsatisfied with the comfort of your home? One of the reasons might be that the temperature is not where it needs to be. An aging A/C system is likely to be less effective at keeping your home cool than a new system. Regardless of what is causing your system to be ineffective, there is no point in having the A/C on if the unit is ineffective. At that point, you’re just throwing money away.

4. Old

Is your unit over ten years old? If it is, even if it has been well-maintained, it may soon be time to get it replaced. A well-maintained unit can last for about 15 years, but if your unit is already starting to need repairs, it may end up being cheaper just to bite the bullet and repair it before you end up spending more money on repairing a failing, old unit than just getting a new, higher quality one.

5. Freon-based

Does your air conditioner say that it uses Freon on the label? If it does, know that the federal government is phasing out Freon in an effort to conserve energy and that the costs of Freon are going up exponentially. If you want to save money and your air conditioner uses R 22 Freon, it may be time to switch to a unit that uses a different type of refrigerant. Especially if your unit is having problems and needing repairs, if it relies on Freon, it’s recommended that you get it replaced soon. Repairing a leaky Freon-based unit can cost just as much as simply getting it replaced with a new one. Production of Freon-based units stopped in 2010, and the production of Freon ends this year. So if you have a Freon-based unit, it really is time to get it replaced.

Getting Your New Air Conditioner

Imagine how pleasant your home will be with a proper, up-to-date air conditioner installed. When you can get long-term savings and a more comfortable home for years to come, it just makes sense to replace your old, inefficient air conditioner with a new efficient, cost-effective unit. Are you ready for Northern Colorado’s dry heat this year? It might be time to start planning ahead. Trust SWAN Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to get your air conditioning (and all your other HVAC needs) done right. You can give us a call at 970-251-0755 or message us online. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

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