Allergies Caused by Dust in Air Ducts

There are a lot of things that need cleaning your home that you normally skimp on. Nobody thinks about checking or inspecting their air ducts to make sure that they’re performing properly. But you should. Dirty air ducts lead to many problems, including dirty air quality and allergies. Clean air ducts can even save you money and make your HVAC system last longer. If your air ducts look dirty to you, that’s because they are. We’ll go into detail about the benefits of cleaning you air ducts routinely and how to go about it.

Air Quality Improves

Dust buildup in your home is inevitable. When your HVAC system takes air in to circulate it out, dust gets stuck in the air ducts. Studies have found that in normal homes, nearly 40 pounds of dust is created just by living in your home. Now think about all 40 pounds of dust airing through your home and resting in the ducts. Not a very pretty thing to think about, right?

Since dust isn’t toxic, when it’s in the air it doesn’t mean that the air in your home is unhealthy to breathe in. It just means that for people with respiratory problems like asthma, or allergies to certain elements in the environment, it could be harder to inhale.

Allergies and Dust

A buildup of dust in the air makes it difficult for people with lung problems to breathe. It causes wheezing, tight chest, and short breath.

Dust allergies aren’t just triggered by dust, however. It’s also caused by dust mites, tiny microscopic bugs that live on your mattresses, pillows, furniture, clothes, and dead skin. They are normally harmless to humans, as they are too tiny to do anything to hurt you, unless you have a dust allergy. Dust mites cause 25% of all known allergies. A big number for something we can’t even see.

To get rid of dust mites, cleaning your ducts and furniture is highly recommended, even if you don’t have a respiratory problem. Having clean furniture and air ducts won’t completely eradicate the dust mites, but it certainly will lessen the number in your homes.

Energy Savings

When there’s dust blocking the air ducts, your HVAC system works harder to be able to push out air and keep you cool/warm. This extra work causes your HVAC to burn more energy to push out the same amount of air as a clean air duct using less energy. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates between 25-40% of the energy used by HVAC systems is wasted. Cleaning your ducts will certainly help you take advantage of that wasted energy and let your wallet take a break.


The performance of a heating and cooling system can be severely hindered by dust. Dust landing on a coil and a heat exchanger affects the efficiency of an HVAC system by almost 40%. Poor efficiency causes uneven heating/cooling. One room in your home may be hot, but the next room over is freezing during the winter. If dust continues to build up, it makes your system start to overwork itself and parts start to fail. It’s much cheaper to clean your system that it is to replace all of it.

Cleaning the Air Ducts

So now that you know the best reasons to clean your HVAC system, how do you go about it? Well first, it’s a good idea to get a proven HVAC specialist to inspect your system and determine whether a cleaning will give your system a much-needed boost in performance and a quote for how much it’ll cost. After getting the cost sorted out, work can begin.